How do we resolve the Utility Industry Challenges

  • We finance, deploy and manage smart metering systems.
  • Improve municipal cash flows.
  • Create and preserve employment.
  • We curb municipal debt which equates to municipal financial sustainability.

Smart Metering

Annasa empowers the end-consumer

Consumers can monitor their consumptions & receive notifications to top up before they run out of electricity.

Alternative Energy Solutions

The increasing complexity of the existing power grid due to load shedding, continuous rising cost of electricity, technology development and aging infrastructure are some of the factors that contribute to the need to deployment of alternative energies through smart grid in order to secure reliable and sustainable of energy.

At Annasa Holdings, we assist communities by doing comprehensive technical audit in order to identify areas of intervention.

Identification of the right energy mix (use of gas, wind, solar & biofuels) and use of technology has positive yields in that the cost benefit analysis is mostly positive,especially on the socio-economic impact.

Summary - The Annasa Solution

  • Restores power to consumers (control over own consumption)
  • End to billing estimations
  • Improves safety/security (limit meter readers access to property)
  • Improves customer service
  • Improves supply reliability
  • Reduce electricity and water theft
  • Improves revenue collection for the municipality/reduce input cost
  • Curb municipal debt through efficient debt collection
  • We finance our intervention off the muncipality’s balance sheet