What We Do

It goes without saying that global warming and climate change related challenges are serious concerns.

We started ANNASA because we wanted to use our expertise in engineering and energy management in the service of environmental conservation. This is what motivates us. This is what we care about. The foundation of our company is to act as a catalyst to help address these changes and slow down the damaging effects of energy production and consumption on the environment.

After we’d established ourselves, a visionary entrepreneurial team refined ANNASA’s service offering to encompass the broader Energy sector that includes amongst others Utility Revenue Enhancement solutions, Solar Photovoltaic solutions and overall Energy Management solutions. We utilise the Annasa integrated IoT Platform to deliver on our set objectives , increase our shareholder value and that of our clients.

The Annasa Solution

Annasa Ecosystem – through our integrated IoT platform, we are able to deliver on our set objectives, increase our shakeholder value & that of our clients