Debtor Days - Cost of Money

Utility Industry Challanges

Energy used by consumers is significantly more than energy billed.

Amount collected is significantly less than what is billed.

Municipal collection rate in SA is approx. 60% for electricity and far less for water.

Eskom is unable to collect from municipalities – approx. R20b debt.

Municipal Consumer Debt (MCB) is approx. R140b.

Electricity is not the only service in arrears – water, sewage, property rate & taxes can increase this bad debt by approx. 50%.

  • Estimated or manual meter reads = inaccurate billing & lack of trust from consumers
  • Inability to integrate metering & billing
  • Cannot identify/resolved where losses are coming from
  • Lack of visibility & transparency
  • Lack of capacity, systems & funds to implement projects – lack of service delivery

The cash-flow challenges that are facing municipalities is centred around their billing systems and processes. The cycle is such that the municipality provides the service (be it electrical supply, water or any other utility), then send the bill at the end of the month which reaches the consumer mid-month. The municipality will ideally give the end-consumer about a month to pay for the services rendered. As such the collection spans over 60 days as depicted below.